Who We Are Today

Mission Statement

Headwaters Counseling promotes and develops healthy relationships in individuals, families, and communities so they are empowered to make positive life choices.


Who We Are

Headwaters Counseling is a private, not for profit, 501(c)(3) agency in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We provide outpatient counseling services for persons who have behavioral health needs or are at risk of harmful involvement with alcohol or other drugs. In addition, we are a member of the Alliance for Children & Families and the Indiana Family Service Council.

Through a team approach and the active participation of the persons served, the overall goal of our program is to improve the quality of life and the functional abilities of the persons served.

We provide a combination of mental health and alcohol and other drug/addiction services. We provide these services in a seamless system of care for individuals with needs in one or both areas, or for persons identified with dual disorders.

Who We Assist

We work with adults of any age, in addition to children and adolescents. We provide services that include but are not limited to individual, group, and family counseling and psycho-education. These programs offer comprehensive, coordinated, and defined services that may vary in level of intensity.

In an outpatient setting, we may address a variety of needs, that include but are not limited to, situational stressors, family relations, interpersonal relationships, mental health issues, life span issues, psychiatric illnesses, alcohol or other drugs, eating disorders, sexual disorders, and the needs of victims of abuse, domestic violence or other trauma.

We provide these services primarily in our office setting located at 2712 S. Calhoun Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In some special cases, we provide home-based counseling, and we are willing to consider providing services in alternative locations if it will meet the needs of the persons served.

When appropriate, and with the consent of the person served, we will coordinate treatment with other services within our agency as well as other services in the community. We use treatment interventions that are recognized in the behavioral health field. All persons served are initially assessed to determine what needs exist that should be addressed. The person served takes an active part in this process.

Our direct service staff consists of master level therapists who facilitate the assessment process. Exceptions may include graduate students who are under the direct supervision of a licensed therapist.

What everyone should know about Headwaters Counseling

  • We are NOT a government agency.  (Although we are often confused with the Department of Child Services, we are undoubtedly NOT the same agency.)
  • We have been helping women, children & families attain stability in their lives since 1873.
  • Our staff has over 150 years of combined clinical experience.
  • All of our therapists hold PhD or Master’s level degrees and are licensed or are in the process of obtaining their licensure.  Most have two licenses one in general therapy the other in addiction therapy.
  • Headwaters Counseling serves over 2,500 people each year.
  • We have staff specially trained in the following categories:
    • Addiction Counseling
    • Parenting
    • Marriage and Family Therapy
    • Cognitve Behavioral Therapy
    • Trauma
    • Crisis Response
    • And many more
  • We are nationally and internationally accredited.
  • Our clients at any given time range from 2 to over 80.
  • Headwaters Counseling is located centrally in the city.  Some clients walk to the agency for sessions.
  • Headwaters Counseling staff is very educated and motivated; they care about the people they work with.
  • Our therapists are trained to work on substance abuse issues in tandem with mental health issues (dual diagnosis) when appropriate.
  • All clients are treated with respect, regardless of their specific life circumstances or reasons for needing counseling.

How Headwaters Counseling Helps Children

  • We provide therapy for children who have been physically and/or sexually abused, including those children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect by their parents or caregivers.
  • We offer a constant in the live of children who are often moved around from one foster home to the next and have little stability otherwise.
  • We can teach a child that they are valued, they can be happy, they do not need to fear adults, they can have healthy relationships, and they do not deserve to be hurt by grown ups.Cute Siblings with umbrella-21001468_s

How Headwaters Counseling Helps Families

  • We offer much-needed counseling at a reduced fee for our clients; families who are just trying to survive day-to-day and wouldn’t receive services otherwise.
  • We can help strengthen families and give them tools to improve their relationships.
  • We provide counseling services to help families to process grief and loss, make necessary life changes, and quit abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

How Headwaters Counseling Helps the Community

  • We offer services to those who have been abused, as well as abusers, helping to end the cycle of abuse from both sides.
  • Headwaters Counseling makes a difference in the community, but we work behind the scenes in ways that others may not be aware of.