Success Stories

Lindsey’s Story:

Learning to Take Care of Himself

Taking care of everyone else can eventually take its toll on a man. One Headwaters Counseling client, in his forties, had been responsible for his alcoholic father and mentally ill mother for many years. He had a hard time saying no, and was greatly overwhelmed.

In time, his parents both passed away. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. Then his beloved dog, the last thing he had, passed away as well, and he reached a breaking point.

He had no one in his life to take care of him or help support him through his grief and frustration. He had no contact with his siblings or other family and didn’t know where to turn. He came to Headwaters Counseling angry and with a lot of anxiety.

Change is difficult, but this client was ready for the challenge! He did everything that was suggested to him by his Headwaters Counseling therapist – he tried it all! He never gave up on himself. He had to learn relaxation skills, breathing techniques, diverting attention from anxiety toward something productive, and self-guided imagery.

He had a lot of unresolved conflicts and was able to resolve the ones that he could. He began focusing on his hobbies and interests and now shares them with others. He reconnected with one of his siblings, graduated from college, and rescued a new kitten.

For so many years he was the caretaker. He has since learned balance (how to say NO), and can take care of himself.

Climbing a Mountain After Hitting Rock Bottom

She had never lived on her own. She went straight from living with her parents to living with her husband. They got married. They had children. They built a life and family together. Isn’t that what all little girls dream of? Unfortunately the dream of an ideal adult family life was not all it should have been for this woman.

An abusive husband made life nearly unbearable. Over time, drugs became a comfort and a way to cope with the abuse that came from a man who once vowed to honor and cherish her. The addiction grew, and led to multiple arrests. Her children were taken from her. That childhood dream had turned into a very real nightmare.

A hopeless situation had turned worse, and once out of jail, this young woman had not only lost her children but had gained a mountain of legal fees. She used the support and resources of a halfway house and her Headwaters Counseling therapist to begin a new life with better choices. She joined the Women in Recovery program at Headwaters Counseling, where she gained the strength and knowledge she needed to get her life back on track.

She has left the halfway house and for the first time is living on her own. She has had a job for several months and is working at paying off her legal debts in order to regain custody of her children. The children are able to visit with Mom and talk with her over the phone regularly, which is a great motivator! While she is no longer in the Women in Recovery program, she continues individual counseling with a therapist she has grown to trust and lean on for support.